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So....some people think i have more OC's than Keira but.... I just have Keira I don't need another one :D all my love belongs to Trafalgar *_* :D the others are collabs I made :D and some gifts for them but I just have Keira :D And Shiki is a character from another who is/ was..a very good friend of Keira :D

favourite couples:

Robin x Law <3 or baby 5 x law xD
Sabo x Koala *_*
Nami x Luffy
Kyros x Scarlet

Name: Dracule Keira
Epithet: gentle voice of death
gender: weiblich
Age: 22 - 24 (after timeskip)
birthday: January 3rd
heigh: 172 cm
Family: Lucianna (Mother)
((many years later: Lucy (daughter), Kuro (Son), Trafalgar Law ))
weapon: sword, Haki
dream: none just to complete the plans her crew have

pirate crew: Heart Pirates
Position: nurse, swordfighter
bounty : 60 000,000 Berry 100 000,000 Berry

clothing: on the submarine she wears a jumpsuit uniform the white one is normal like the others but the black one with a skirt ending and leggins
But if they come to islands she often wear casual clothing but most time short shirts that her heart pirates tattoo is shown on her waist/tummy.

Befor she joined the heartcrew:
Job: waiter in Bottakuri Bar, singer, traveler
skills: swordfight - learned by her own when she was a child and when she met her father sometimes with him
some doctoring like nurse- books and experiments
little navigation - from travel around by her own


personality: sarcastic, quiet, sadistic, bad humor, sealed, shows little emotion (anxiety), vicious, ignorant and arrogant to strangers and enemies, friendly and helpful to friends and close acquaintances

Hobbies: drink wine, eat chocolate, training, reading (newspapers and textbooks), swimming, shopping

likes: the heart crew, Chocolate, wine, Training, interesting books, her friends + family, the sea, when mean people or enemies suffer ,red roses, creepy and dark things and places, pies, Panther, traveling

diskikes: Marine, human trafficking, children (even when she was a child she hated them) Devil Fruit users who would be a failure without these forces, "big mouth nothing behind" people, traitors, liars, pink, plush,....

favorite color: red, violet

favorite food: chocolate, pies, rice


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